Tree Tips & Facts


Trees find no strength in standing alone in single plantings.

Trees need to be planted in numbers to gain support from one another when in stress to protect themselves from being uprooted due to high winds and intense rainfall which moistens the ground.

Front line trees always cop the brunt of the wind force.

Trees planted in groups stand in strong stead as they support each other during the inclement weather.

Numerous healthy trees, wisely planted, helps the environment and stabilises Mother Nature’s balance, which returns bad weather patterns to its usual equilibrium.  Erratic rainfall, drought and bush fire threat would become less of a problem for us all.

We need to remember Mother Nature’s four or five billion year design and return as much land back to her perfect plan she had in place.

When planted correctly these trees in turn protect us, our homes & our families.




Tree Fact 1. TREE POPULATION from 1788 till NOW

Aboriginals have lived in Australia for 50,000 years.

Nature, the weather, all birds & animals and all the environment was healthy & happy.

If we were wondering how many trees are in Australia now, compared to before European settlers arrived in 1788, just 225 years ago, the numbers have greatly decreased.

Over the last 200+ years we have destroyed much of our original existing tree life and the balance in Australia’s atmosphere has been lost.

We might be surprised to know that approximately 4 – 6% remain.

94 – 96% have been removed overall.

Approximately 80% of Australia is mostly desert and only 20% of the remaining land had tree populated areas which were keeping the balance providing support to dry desert areas.

If we make changes to revitalise the natural creation by planting back nature’s trees, the health of our land will improve, this is our future, there is no higher importance today or ever.

It has been proven that man can live with the land in harmony, enjoying the assurity of a healthy environment.  Let’s work together to recreate that environment which will guarantee us the same peace to which we too can hand down for generations to come.




Man has created carbon emission machines.

If it takes three healthy large trees to offset carbon emissions for every single car on the road today, we must think toward our plans to keep the balance.

With most families owning two cars or more, the amount of trees needed to compensate this demand is immense.



There is a connection between tree health & human health.

 We are all part of nature, requiring organic matter.

 Trees thrive on organic mulch, humans thrive on organics such as vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds which are imperative to our overall general health.

 Water is also a daily necessity for all living things.

 Organic foods grown naturally, being quality nutrition, is required for us earthly beings to stay healthy & flourish.

 The connection between humans & nature is definite & special.

 Our needs to assert health & wellness all the time is as simple as good healthy foods.

 A tree asserts the same fast growth and never gets sick if given the same as nature provided, organic manures & mulch.



The Tree Tips team is excited to say that planting rainforest, eucalypt or hardwood for reforestation is a wonderful opportunity for farmers, acreage owners anywhere and everywhere to venture.

Mentioning rainforest trees, the shortage of these timbers is huge and as time goes by the need will increase dramatically.  It would give heartfelt pleasure to see cabinet making timber trees of all sorts being planted everywhere throughout Australia, and the world.  It would be beneficial for everyone to witness this in the future.

There’s a special gratification about watching someone else do well, enjoying life, living blissfully in their own forest & making a great livelihood from it.  At the same time, those families would be enjoying their life while all the rest of us reap all the natural benefits we need to enjoy and guarantee life for ourselves, while assuring the balance to a natural environment.

Our weathers will maintain their healthy equalibrium which will also declare confidently the natural climatic conditions needed for growing all of our food needs continually.  We would never need to worry about running out of timber or tree resources as they are replanted to guarantee continual harvest for profit along with healthy weather and planet.

It doesn’t matter if these trees are planted in rows, these are our natural native trees.  I’m sure our birds and wildlife will not mind at all and will live, feed and breed as Mother Nature intended.