Roadside Display

A Voluntary Team Concerned For Our Future!

A step in the right direction: Roadside Education & Plant Display

Selected Saturday Mornings on Morayfield Rd, Morayfield Qld.
Just call 04 BIRD LIFE to confirm days or to have a friendly chat

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The TREE TIPS team, like most of us today, are concerned with changes to the climate, weather, minimising of rainfall & irregularity, as nothing on Earth is of greater importance than the health of our environment. TREES are Mother Nature’s tools created to control & balance these conditions, to ensure that all living things, plants & animals, including ourselves, have adequate food & water.

Sadly, we have removed too many TREES, now we are subjected to dramatic climate change. Nothing on Earth, living or growing, can survive without a healthy environment & in-season water. We offer this understanding & awareness, hoping together we can all make the necessary adjustments required for improvements to our future. By PLANTING TREES we will be re-balancing nature & recreating natural climate & weather conditions. Working with Mother Nature’s perfect & practical plan, already proven successful for billions of years, will also guarantee us the same success, simply by protecting her work of sustaining continual life. We too, working with nature, can protect our future, our children’s future & thereafter, with this proven plan.

Come and visit us to collect your free bumper stickers, learn what trees are appropriate for your home/property and meet our volunteers.

Protecting Mother Nature enables her to protect us
Living with trees & birds is nature’s recreation & retreat
Activities & outdoor fun stimulate healthy young minds
Nature’s true protection from cyclonic & damaging winds
Trees carefully selected will ensure permanent positions
Imaginative, creative & enjoyable, sun safe playgrounds
Nature’s home & food for wildlife, & privacy for us all
Good mulch=healthy trees, just as good food=healthy people

Tree planting together for a drought free & fun future
Reforest farming is good for $$$, wildlife & our future
Encouraging more healthy rainfall, decreases fire danger
Easy planting techniques guarantee fast & healthy growth
Securing a healthy environment for generations to come