Planting the right trees to benefit our lives Planting the right trees to benefit our lives

Nature’s hundred year old marvel, the majestic Ficus tree provides an adventure playground for children of all ages. How would you like a massive, beautiful tree on your acreage for the generations to come?

In the country regions across Australia, children are blessed with trees such as these on family properties and in parks, or maybe a mango tree or a Poinciana tree in their back yard which they played in during their young years.  They are a true wonder of nature and a talking point in the cherished memories of many.  For those who have these childhood recollections, they are truly blessed throughout their years.

By having many more trees in parks and at home, it would encourage us and our children to enjoy the outdoors, playing & interacting with nature from a young age, also minimising the negative effect that too much of today’s technology is having on our children’s lives and our lives.

the benefits of planting trees the benefits of planting trees



Trees and their impact on our lives

  • Create a home, safe haven, a retreat, away from manmade concrete, glass, polluted fast pace city jungles which create depression and stress.
  • Create privacy, time out, a restful, peaceful, healthy and therapeutic environment
  • Minimise sun damage through shade areas, use nature’s sunblock
  • Allow your family to grow healthy minds and bodies in a natural environment
  • Encourage children to go outside, play and be with nature.
  • Create a feeling of attachment, relaxation and enjoyment, sitting and watching the many varieties of birds feeding, frolicking and flying from tree to tree.  Put our hearts and bodies back at home, discover enjoyment, protection and good healthy life at home while at the same time, we secure our children’s future.  In case today’s rat race has confused us, money can’t buy a future or life




Animals and their dependance on trees

Nowhere to go

As tree corridors disappear due to increasing population and commercial growth, possums and a variety of animals and birds, search for new homes and food wherever possible.

If we are passionate about our environment, replacing trees will provide homes, shelter, food and comfort for our wildlife on every level.

If we are concerned by the extinction of our animal species including birds, butterflies, frogs and marsupials etc, we need to replenish their homes and food source.

By planting trees, we are making a future for humans on Earth.

We can see this land unable to feed, protect & home our wildlife, the soft and vulnerable.  It would be equally honest to say if tree change is not adopted, our food source, homes & existence will continue to suffer also.  We must plan & plant for the health & security to all that lives.  This will secure our future.



protective benefits of trees on your property

A dream for many would be to have a majestic Ficus growing on acreage to be enjoyed by each family member throughout their years and generations after. These trees with their wondrous aerial roots and branch supporters, thanks to Mother Nature, not only can these fascinating glorious trees protect our planet, us and our homes, but what an amazing protector and fun playground for our children, grandchildren and thereafter.

Trees also give us privacy during our time out of the rat race or hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is restful and peaceful amongst the trees and at one with nature, being healthy and therapeutic, restoring our minds after our stressful routines of everyday life.

We don’t have to live on acreage to be able to enjoy all the benefits of trees.  With correct shrubs & tree choices, even the smallest residential properties will achieve the similar results & rewards, protection etc on a mini scale.

making the most of tree benefits with small yards



rainforest trees

Imagine coming home to a eucalypt forest or rainforest daily, surrounded with birds, butterflies, possums, frogs etc. not to mention a safe haven from severe storms and inclement weather.

Living amongst and ‘in tune’ with nature is a true delight and a wish for many, owning their little piece of paradise and returning home to this daily.

attracting birdlife = tree benefit

It is with a great feeling of achievement that is gained along with relaxation and enjoyment to sit and watch the many species of birds feeding and frolicking, flying from tree to tree in yours & their forest.  They live protected peacefully & happily from a life making environment you have created while in turn you live together enjoying the same futuristic rewards.  They make a good and happy life from the trees provided, which can be achieved in just a few years.

the benefit of planting the right trees




rainforrest tree benefits and birdlife

Many of our delicate herbivore bird species are disappearing along with their habitat as we see the continual decrease and destruction of tree corridors throughout Australia.

The common crow is an intelligent survivor of the carnivore bird species, which has adapted to its surroundings even though trees have been diminishing in population.  The sad arking call of the crow during the day or even at night is a well known sound to us all.  It has learned to adapt and evolve along with the destruction of tree life.

If the tree population increased we would see the return of the more delicate herbivore species, being the softer natured birds, by replenishing their homes and their natural habitats.

If we wish to nurture & protect our native birds and wildlife, we can do much more than just feed them in our backyards, we can replenish their habitat where they can live and thrive within our communities.

planting trees to benefit our future