Russell, working on his beautiful two acres of tranquillity, while many of his neighbours are busily maintaining & mowing their lawns.

Planting numerous trees along with correct mulching, speeds growth and saves mowing and maintenance.

Russell’s work is much rewarded by the quick growth of the forest over only a few years.



Russell and the team are passionate about saving our future by planting trees for the benefit of the environment and local wildlife.

Russell has 27 years experience with creating & developing treed gardens & rainforests in the South East Queensland Hinterland and continues his vision, caring for our future.

With much dedication and commitment he started creating his first rainforest in the South East corner in 1986, then years later suffered a life crisis which led him on a different path where he found himself rebuilding his life and a second rainforest.

Russell continues his dedication and commitment to the environment with his new rainforest in its current location.

Re-creating the second rainforest with the natural environment surrounding him on his life’s journey has saved him from his own crisis in his life leading to healing, nurturing, learning and growing into the educator we know today, dearly cherished by those around him.

Dedicated team members Luke & Michael, love their work and continue toiling in the rain.

Saving our future…Rain, Hail, or Shine!




For around 30 years, Russell has been concerned for our future, pondering ideas of how we could all be happy without destroying nature & the environment for years to come.

Rainfall, weather & environmental changes have always concerned him.  For over 22 years, he has kept rainfall records, measured and dated, with careful observation.  He soon learned that trees are our most needed asset for natural healthy weather and environmental control.  It soon became a life of learning and living as he creating his first rainforest 25 years ago and raising a family within this environment soon answered all the unknown, and it was all good.

This search put answers before questions, time and time into his subconscious.

His plans are basic and simple and the number one tool for all to carry with us is care for each other, our children, and mostly tomorrow.

Russell’s plan is as it always has been…Plant trees!

Trees are on Earth for hundreds of environmental reasons and have hundreds if not thousands of positives for us.  His heart has always been in this.

Over 15 years ago, Russell’s call for massive awareness has been accepted by many but mostly for the beauty of trees, and the birds they bring life to etc.  His attempts to gain understanding of the environmental needs back then were mostly not heard.

Just 15 years later, we are in some places devastated, others confused and concerned but in all cases we are aware of rapid environmental changes.

What if we wait another 15 years, do we really think that recycling, minimising electricity, car emission controls etc will be enough to really be a big enough change.  And/or are we all just waiting for something magical to happen.  The magical answer is right.  The magic of us all working together, it is Mother Nature’s hurt that we are feeling, as she is suffering.

If we do everything we can to mend her land, the land we proudly call ours, if some or as many of her wounds are healed, quite simply, so are ours, as she has our ball in her court.



Russell has new inspiration & enthusiasm to continue his passion to care for the environment as a personal legacy after the arrival of his beautiful Granddaughter Hollie in 2011.

Hollie was born on Christmas day and is blessed with the name of the Holly Tree.

We need to be committed to caring for tomorrow.

Russell believes if we toil for tomorrow this will not only assure a future but we will create a much better today.

Russell lives to ensure a future for his family.



Trees are there as protection against wind and the elements.

Russell’s daughters Samara & Tegan along with friends and neighbours of the Tree Tips Team help Russell plant trees for the forest.  Our future depends on it!

Grandparents, parents, children, neighbours, friends, we all enjoy the outdoors and our connection to nature’s peaceful tranquility.

We are all one with nature.

The Earth is negatively charged, as we are also, so the more time we spend amongst nature, the more beneficial it is to us, and the healthier we are.

Plan to spend a little more time embracing the gifts which Mother Nature has provided and blessed us with.




Blessed with his first Grandchild, a beautiful little girl, born 3.25am Christmas morning, 2011.

Russell recalls…”I’ll never forget a few words my daughter Tegan said to me, just about one hour after her new bub (and my granddaughter) was born.”

Tegan…..“I’m sorry Dad.”

Russell….“Sorry Darlin?…Sorry for what?”

Tegan…..“For ruining your Christmas.”

Russell….“You’ve given me the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.  Then to be named Hollie, after the Christmas Holly Tree.  A magical happening.  She is so full of life and love, I’m so lucky.  Call me passionate if you will, but I believe we are meant to do everything we can to help recreate the environment that will protect & assure the future of our children, Grandchildren and thereafter.”

“I know we will all love, nurture & educate Hollie, but we cannot assure her future.”

“Lying awake at night, a long drive alone & thinking, even if I choose not to watch television, with its continual negativity & bad news, I am well aware of our ever increasing environmental problems”.

“So what can I do about this?”

“Talking about it or worrying about it, or maybe having a whinge.  No, I think I’d better look up, look forward & do whatever I can to assure a healthy environmental future.  So here we are playing in our, in many ways, protective, fun and futuristic tree garden”.


“Hollie & I agree, that this change is a good change & it will be even more fun”