Tree Tips tree selection and planting tips

The Tree Tips main aim is to plant trees & encourage others toward healthy fast growth, with the importance of correct plant choices, for the variety of different conditions, personal needs & wishes.

Tree tips and tree education

This website is designed to help you to…

Make correct tree choices, promoting quick & healthy growth

Intuitively care & attention to Mother Nature’s beautiful & practical plan

Be Motivated to create a positive plan to plant for our future


Basically, we are passionate about Mother Nature and the important role that we play in maintaining a healthy planet. Trees, and appropriate planting, can significantly contribute to just this, a healthy planet.

Tree Tips and tree planting tipsBetter understanding Trees and where, how and when to plant them can help with…

  • Avoiding Soil Erosion
  • Preventing damage to pools or underground plumbing due to trees
  • Reduce and prevent property damage in storms and high winds
  • Uprooting of trees in private yards and public areas and therefore cleanup
  • Better air quality
  • Better soil quality
  • More places for children to play
  • Getting us closer to nature



We can start at home…